Rachel Endecott

Extension Beef Cattle Specialist
219 Linfield Hall, MSU-Bozeman 
Bozeman, MT 59717 
Phone (406) 994-3747 
Fax (406) 994-5589 


B.S.  Montana State University, Animal Science,
M.S.  New Mexico State University,
Ph.D.  New Mexico State University,


ANSC 434R  Beef Cattle Management 

Research Interests

  • Beef Cattle Management

Accomplishments and Interests

  • Conducts 20 to 30 sheep production workshops yearly throughout Montana on sheep genetics, reproduction, nutrition, health, management & marketing.
  • Coordinates the Montana Central Ram Test and the Montana On-Farm Ram Testing Program.
  • Conducts enhanced wool preparation and marketing workshops which are designed to add value to wool produced in Montana.
  • Evaluates the effects of improved wool preparation methods on wool value.
  • Evaluates the potential benefits of utilizing Australian Merino sheep on crossbreeding programs with domestic breeds of sheep (cooperative study with U.S. Sheep Station, DuBois; Texas A&M; & University of California).

Recent Publications

  • Dafoe, J.M., R.W. Kott, B.F. Sowell, J.G. Berardinelli, K.C. Davis, and P.G. Hatfield.  2008. Effects of supplemental safflower and vitamin E during late gestation on lamb growth, serum metabolites, and thermogenesis. J. Anim. Sci. 86:3194-3202.

  • Thrift, B.D., J.C. Mosley, T.K. Brewer, B.L. Roeder, B.E. Olson, and R.W. Kott.  2008.  Prescribed sheep grazing to suppress spotted knapweed on foothill rangeland. Rangeland Ecol. Manage. 61:18-25.

  • Kott, R.W., 2007. Book Review—Nutrient Requirements of Small Ruminants: Sheep, Goats, Cervids and New World Camelids (Animal Nutrition Series). JAVMA 231:881-882.
  • Lloyd, J.E., G.D. Johnson, R.W, Kott, H.B. Goosey and D.E. Legg, 2007. Clean-Up™ Pour-On Insecticide With Igr To Control Sheep Ked. Arthropod Management Tests 32:k1.
  • Hatfield, P.G., S.L. Blodgett, T.M. Spezzano, H.B. Goosey, A.W. Lenssen, R.W. Kott, and C.B. Marlow, 2007. Incorporating sheep into dryland grain production systems: Impact on over-wintering larva populations of Wheat stem sawfly, Cephus cintus Norton, (Hymenoptera: Cephidae). Small Rum. Res. 67:209-215.
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  • Surber, L., Roeder, B., P.G. Hatfield, and R.W. Kott. 2006. Feedlot performance and carcass characteristics of spring-born wethers finished on an 80% barley diet either in the fall or spring and slaughtered at seven to eight, or fourteen to fifteen months of age, respectively. Small Rum. Res. 66:102-107.
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