Dr. Jim Berardinelli

Dr. Jim Berardinelli, Animal Science

Dr. Boles

Dr. Jane Ann Boles, Meat Science

Dr. Bowman

Dr. Janice G. P. Bowman, Beef Cattle Nutrition

Hannah DelCurto

Hannah DelCurto, Instructor, Animal Science 

Dr. Tim DelCurto

Dr. Tim DelCurto, Professor & Nancy Cameron Endowed Chair                  Range Beef Cattle Nutrition & Management

Dr. Endecott

Dr. Rachel Endecott, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist

Dr. Hatfield

Dr. Patrick Hatfield, Department Head

Dr. Moreaux

Dr. Shannon John J. Moreaux, DVM, Equine Science

Dr. Tom Murphy

Dr. Tom Murphy, Sheep Production 

Andi Shokley instructing equitation course

Andi Shockley, Instructor

Whit Stewart profile picture

Dr. Whit Stewart, Extension Sheep Specialist

Dr. Thomson

Dr. Jennifer Thomson, Genetics

Dr. Emon

Dr. Megan Van Emon, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist

Dr. Yeoman

Dr. Carl Yeoman, Rumen/Gastrointestinal Microbiology


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Retired Faculty


Sandy Gagnon

Leonard (Sandy) Gagnon, Horse Science (Retired August 2009), Emeritus Professor

Dr. Gipp

Dr. Wayne Gipp, Swine Nutrition & Production Management (Retired July 2009), Emeritus Professor

Dr. Knight

Dr. James E. Knight, Extension Wildlife Specialist (Retired September 2014), Emeritus Professor

Dr. Kott

Dr. Rodney Kott, Sheep Extension Specialist

Dr. Paterson

Dr. John Paterson, Beef Nutrition (Retired April 2012), Emeritus Professor

Dr. Tess

Dr. Michael Tess, Livestock Production Systems/Modeling, Emeritus Professor

Hannah DelCurto, Instructor, Animal Science Read about Ms. DelCurto