Montana State University

Department of Animal & Range Sciences

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Bozeman, MT 59717-2900

Tel: (406) 994-3722
Fax: (406) 994-5589
Location: 103 Animal Bioscience Building

Department Head:

Dr. Glenn Duff

Dr. Bok Sowell

Bok teaching range class to students

Dr. Sowell (right) discussing range management with students.

Professor, Range Science
205 Animal Bioscience Building
Bozeman, MT 59717-2900
Phone: (406) 994-5558
Fax: (406) 994-5589


B.S.  New Mexico Sate University, Wildlife Science, 1978
M.S. Texas Tech University, Range Science, 1981
Ph.D. New Mexico State University, Animal Science, 1989


NRSM 101 Natural Resource Conservation
NRSM 102 Principles of Range Management Lab
NRSM 353 Grazing Ecology
WILD 325 Wildlife-Livestock Range Nutrition
ARNR 507 Research Methods
ARNR 544 Advanced Grazing Management and Ecology

Research Interest

  • Wildlife habitat
  • Ungulate herbivovy
  • Wildlife/Livestock nutrition
  • Nutritional ecology of ruminants

Research Overview / Graduate Students

  • Sage-Grouse and Livestock Grazing in the Centennial Valley, MT. Kyle Cutting
  • Sage-Grouse and Livestock Grazing in the Centennial Valley, MT. Sean Schroff
  • Grizzly Bear Habitat Use in Island Park, ID. Nichole Walker. Dr. Dan Tyers, Co-Investigator
  • Bear Response to Mine Reclamation and Road Construction in the Cooke City Basin, MT. Joao Rossi. Dr. Dan Tyers, Co-Investigator
  • Predator Use of Carcasses in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Brooke Regan. Dr. Dan Tyers, Co-Investigator.
  • Fine- and Course-Filtered Monitoring for Wildlife: A Habitat Management Plan for Grazing on National Wildlife Refuges. Kyle Cutting Principal Investigator
  • Nutritional Quality of Rough Fescue on Mt Haggin Wildlife Production Area. Vanna Boccadori and Mike Frisina Principal Investigators.

Teaching Awards

  • 2004     President’s Excellence in Teaching Award.   Montana State University
  • 2001     Distinguished Teacher Award.  Western Section of the American Association of Animal Science
  • 2001     Award of Excellence.  MSU Alumni/Chamber of Commerce
  • 2000     Professor of the Month.  Mortar Board.  Montana State University
  • 1998     College of Agriculture: Top Ten Instructor Award.  Montana State University
  • 1998     Who’s Who Among Americas’ Teachers
  • 1998     Phi Kappa Phi-Anna Kruser Fridley Teaching Award.  Montana State University


Recent Publications

  • Porter, T. F., C. Chen, J. A. Long, R. L. Lawrence, and B. F. Sowell.  2014.  Estimating biomass on CRP pastureland: A comparison of remote sensing techniques.  J. Biomass Bioenergy  66:268-274.
  • Runyon, M. J., D. B. Tyers, B. F. Sowell, and C. N. Gower.  2014.  Aspen restoration using beaver on the northern Yellowstone winter range under reduced ungulate herbivory.  Restoration Ecology.  22:555-561.
  • McColley, S. D., D. B. Tyers, and B. F. Sowell. Aspen and willow restoration using beaver in the northern Yellowstone winter range.  2012.  Restoration Ecology  20:450-455.
  • Kimble, D. S., D. B. Tyers, J. Robison-Cox, and B. F. Sowell.  2011.  Aspen recovery since wolf reintroduction on the northern Yellowstone winter range.  Rangeland Eval. Manage.  64:119-130.
  • Sowell, B. F., C. L. Wambolt, J. K. Woodward, and V. R. Lane.  2008.  Relationship of Wyoming big sagebrush cover to herbaceous vegetation.  15th Wildland Shrub Symposium, Bozeman.  June 17-19.
  • Dafoe, J. M., R. W. Kott, B. F. Sowell, J. G. Berardinelli, K. C. Davis, and P. G. Hatfield.  2008.  Effects of supplemental safflower and vitamin E during late gestation on lamb growth, serum metabolites, and thermogenesis.  J. Anim. Sci.  86:3194-3202.
  • Woodward, J., C. L. Wambolt, and B. F. Sowell.  2006.  Sage-grouse winter habitat in central Montana.  Proc. Soc. Range Manage.  59th Annual Meeting, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Bowman, J.G.P., B. F. Sowell, L.M.M. Surber, and T. K. Daniels.  2004.  Nonstructural carbohydrate supplementation of yearling heifers and range beef cows.  J. Anim. Sci.  82:2724-2733.
  • Gibbs, M. C., J. A. Jenks, C. S. Deperno, B. F. Sowell, and K. J. Jenkins.  2004.  Cervid forage utilization in noncommercially thinned ponderosa pine forests.  J. Range Manage.  57:435-441.
  • Johnson-Nistler, C. M., B. F. Sowell, H. Sherwood, and C. Wambolt.  2004.  Black-tailed prairie dog effects on Montana’s mixed grass prairie.  J. Range Manage.  57:641-648.