Craig Carr

Dr. Craig Carr, Rangeland Ecology

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Mike Frisina

Dr. Mike Frisina, Wildlife Ecologist, Adjunct Professor

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Emily Glunk

Dr. Emily C. Glunk, Forage Extension Specialist

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Clayton Marlow

Dr. Clayton Marlow, Riparian/Livestock Interactions

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Dr. Lance McNew

Dr. Lance McNew, Wildlife Habitat Ecology

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Jeffery Mosley

Dr. Jeffrey Mosley, Rangeland Extension Specialist

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Brett Olson

Dr. Bret Olson, Rangeland Ecology and Management

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Bok Sowell

Dr. Bok Sowell, Rangeland Ecology

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Retired Faculty

 Dennis Cash Dr. Dennis Cash, Forage Specialist, Emeritus Professor

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James Knight Dr. James E. Knight, Extension Wildlife Specialist, Emeritus Professor

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 Jack Taylor

Dr. John (Jack) Taylor, Rangeland Ecology & Management, Emeritus Professor



Carl Wambolt Dr. Carl Wambolt, Shrub Ecology and Management, Emeritus Professor

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