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Journal Articles

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  • Winder, V. L., L. B. McNew, A. J. Gregory, L. M. Hunt, S. M. Wisely, and B. K. Sandercock.  2014.  Space use of female greater prairie-chickens in response to wind energy development in north-central Kansas.  Ecosphere  5:art3.

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  • McNew, L. B., T. J. Prebyl, and B. K. Sandercock.  2012.  Effects of rangeland management on the site occupancy dynamics of prairie-chickens in a protected prairie preserve.  Journal of Wildlife Management  76:38-47.

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Book Chapters

  • Gregory, A. J., L. B. McNew, T. J. Prebyl, B. K. Sandercock, and S. M. Wisely.  2011.  Hierarchical modeling of lek habitats of greater prairie-chickens.  Pages 21-32 in B. K. Sandercock, K. Martin, and G. Segelbacher, editors.  Ecology, Conservation, and Management of Grouse (SAB 39).  University of California Press, Berkeley, CA.

Recent Technical Reports, Outreach, and Other Products

  • McNew, L.B., B. Cascaddan, A. Hicks-Lynch, M. Milligan, A. Netter, S. Otto, J. Payne, S. Vold, S. Wells, and S. Wyffels.  2017.  Restoration plan for sharp-tailed grouse recovery in western Montana. Montana State University, Bozeman.

  • Ragen, D.L., EE. Nix, L.B. McNew, W.A. Whitehurst, T.M. Liles, R.B. Sager, E.S. Read, B.S. Hauptman, C.G. Hooley, and P.G. Hatfield.  2016.  Effects of pasture vs. drylot flushing on ewe body weight change and number of lambs born.  College of Agriculture and Extension Research Report, Montana State University, Bozeman.    http://msuextension.org/coa/documents/EffectsofPasturevsDrylotFlushingonEwe.pdf

  • McNew, L. B.  2014.  Ranching for Prairie-Chickens.  Kansas Wildlife and Parks Magazine.  March/April, pages 17-20.

  • McNew, L., C. Handel, J. Pearce, T. DeGange, L. Holland-Bartels, and M. Whalen.  2013.  Changing Arctic Ecosystems: the role of ecosystem changes across the boreal-Arctic transition zone on the distribution and abundance of wildlife populations.  U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2013-3054, 2p.

  • McNew, L. B.  2013.  New research highlights importance of fire and grazing to prairie-chicken populations.  The Lek.  Great Plains Fire Science Exchange newsletter, February issue.

  • Sandercock, B. K, L. M. Hunt, V. Winder, A. J. Gregory, L. B. McNew, and S. M. Wisely.  2013.  Effects of wind power development on greater prairie-chickens in Kansas.  Proc. National Wind Wildlife Research Meeting IX, National Wind Coordinating Collaborative, Broomfield, CO.

  • Sandercock, B. K., S. M. Wisely, L. B. McNew, A. J. Gregory, and L. M. Hunt.  2012.  Effects of wind power development on the population biology of greater prairie-chickens in Kansas.  Final Report.  KDWPT Award No. KDWP-T2-7-R, K-State Award No. KS0443.


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