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Current Research

Estimating the occurrence and abundance of Dusky Grouse populations

  • PI: Lance McNew
  • Collaborators: Claire Gower and Howard Burt (Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks)
  • Graduate student: Liz Leipold
  • Partners/Sponsors: Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

Seasonal space use, movements, and demography of Greater Sage-grouse in northcentral Montana

  • PI: Lance McNew
  • Collaborators: Pat Gunderson and John Carlson (Bureau of Land Management)
  • Graduate student: Trapper Haynam
  • Partners/Sponsors: Bureau of Land Management

Defining habitat quality for northern grassland songbirds in Montana.

  • PIs: Lance McNew and Scott Somershoe (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • Collaborators: Marissa Sather (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
  • Graduate student: John Pulliam
  • Partners/Sponsors: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Effects of livestock grazing management on the ecology of sharp-tailed grouse, grassland birds, and their predators in northern mixed-grass prairie habitats.

  • PIs: Lance McNew, and Lorelle Berkeley (MT FWP)
  • Graduate students: Megan Milligan and Skyler Vold
  • Partners/Sponsors: Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

Sustainability of late season grazing of northern mixed-grass prairies: effects of protein supplementation and dormant-season grazing on cattle behavior, performance, and rangeland condition.

  • PIs: Lance McNew, Mark Petersen (USDA ARS)
  • Graduate Student: Sam Wyffels
  • Partners/Sponsors: USDA Animal Research Service, Livestock and Range Research Laboratory

Remote evaluations of wildlife and livestock habitats using UAVs

  • PIs: Lance McNew, Tim DelCurto, and Bok Sowell
  • Partners/Sponsors: Bair Ranch Foundation


Completed Research

Effects of electric fencing on the space use of grizzly bears in the Blackfoot Valley.

  • PI: Lance McNew
  • Graduate Student: Brittani Johnson
  • Partners/Sponsors: Blackfoot Challenge, Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, & Parks, Montana Outdoor Legacy Foundation

Habitat selection, movements, and survival of dispersing juvenile beavers in southwestern Montana.

  • PIs: Lance McNew, Courtney Frost (USFS), and Claire Gower (MT FWP)
  • Graduate Student: Torrey Ritter
  • Partners/Sponsors: Northwestern Energy, U.S. Forest Service, Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Targeted cattle grazing to enhance sage-grouse brood-rearing habitat.

  • PIs: Jeff Mosley (MSU Extension), Andrea Litt (MSU), Brent Roeder (MSU), Tracy Mosley (MSU Extension), Lance McNew, and Dave Dahlgren (USU)
  • Graduate Student: Jarrett Payne
  • Partners/Sponsors: Bair Ranch Foundation, Western SARE

The sustainability of grass-based beef production systems: the effects of frame size, stocking rates, and dormant season grazing on ecosystem services in northern mixed-grass prairies.

  • PIs: Emily Glunk, Lance McNew, Clayton Marlow, Rachel Endecott, Jane Boles, Darrin Boss, and Jennifer Thompson
  • Partners/Sponsors: Bair Ranch Foundation, Western SARE

Grizzly bear use of Forest Service grazing allotments in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

  • PIs: Lance McNew, Dan Tyers (USFS), Bok Sowell (MSU)
  • Graduate Student: Smith Wells
  • Partners/Sponsors: U.S. Forest Service



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