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wildlife ecology

Our mission is to provide science-based research, instruction, and extension that supports ecologically and economically sustainable wildlife conservation and management in working landscapes. 

Much of our research addresses questions regarding space use and demography of free-ranging animals in response to habitat manipulation and human land use. A major focus of our research and teaching programs is working with animal and range scientists to develop novel management strategies that benefit both wildlife and producers. 

Our study systems are diverse and include animals with a wide range of life histories and ecosystems that differ in seasonality and patterns of resource availability. We use both experimental and observational approaches and employ a variety of techniques including mark-recapture, radio-telemetry, surveys, stable isotopes, and quantitative modeling to answer questions about wildlife-habitat relationships.

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Dr. Lance B. McNew
211 Animal Bioscience Building
PH: (406) 994-6645
Email: lance.mcnew@montana.edu