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Department of Animal & Range Sciences

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Department Head:

Dr. Glenn Duff

Department of Animal and Range Sciences

Animal and Range Sciences

Animal Science
The curricula in animal science provide students with a firm foundation in the biological and natural sciences, animal breeding, reproductive physiology, nutrition, and livestock production and management.
Three options:  Equine Science, Livestock Management & Industry, and Science

Natural Resources & Rangeland Ecology
This program focuses on managing the interaction of livestock, and wildlife and their rangeland habitats. Emphasis is placed on soil, water and vegetation attributes which influence habitat ecology and management of livestock and wildlife.
Two options:  Rangeland Ecology & Management, and Wildlife Habitat Ecology & Management

We also offer the Sustainable Livestock Production Option of the interdisciplinary degree Sustainable Food & Bioenergy Systems.

Welcome to the Department of Animal and Range Sciences. We are dedicated to our students' education and career advancement. This is indicated by the depth of our curriculum, our investment in field laboratories, interactive class projects, and our commitment to helping students gain valuable work experience. We hope you find our website helpful. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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