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In this multidisciplinary undergraduate program, we train students to balance the different uses of an ecosystem to sustain resources and serve all users human and (wild or domestic) animal, with a focus on the study of livestock-wildlife interactions and rangeland habitats.

Faculty members who instruct this program present a holistic approach to interactions among rangeland and ecosystem components, emphasizing soil, water and vegetation attributes that influence habitat ecology and management for livestock and wildlife.

As a student in this program, you will learn to integrate and apply concepts from soil science, plant ecology, ungulate nutrition and community dynamics to develop appropriate management systems. Ultimately, you will learn to apply that knowledge to manage neutral resource systems.

A bachelor of science degree in Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology prepares students to pursue a Master of Science degree or a variety of natural resource jobs with state and federal agencies or private industries.

You can customize your degree program by selecting one of the options below.

Degree Options in Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology

Rangeland Ecology and Management Option

This option emphasizes balancing science with the needs of a sustainable ecosystem. You will learn to collect natural resource and production information that will allow you to develop a multi-use plan for land resources. You will analyze ecological information and learn to develop flexible plans for areas to have sustainable watersheds, wildlife habitat, recreation, and livestock production.

Wildlife Habitat Ecology and Management Option

This option offers you an opportunity to study a multidisciplinary approach to managing wildlife, livestock and their habitats. You learn to develop integrated approaches and plans to create or rejuvenate habitat for all classes of wildlife. You will learn how multispecies communities are important to a healthy ecosystem. 

Non-Teaching Minor Option: Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology

A secondary area of academic specialization, a minor in Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology complements some MSU majors and expands career opportunities. 


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