All students are responsible for meeting prerequisites for upper division courses.

Dept/Course# Course Title Credits Term
NRSM 101 Natural Resource Conservation 3 F
NRSM 102 Montana Range Plants 1 F
BIOO 230 Identification of Seed Plants 4 S
NRSM 240 Natural Resource Ecology 3 F
AGSC 454
BIOO 435
Agrostology (odd years) 3 F
Plant Systematics (even years) F
NRSM 350 Vegetation of Western Wildlands 3 S
NRSM 351 Biomes of Western Wildlands 2 S
NRSM 353 Grazing Ecology and Management 3 S
NRSM 453 Habitat Inventory and Analysis 3 F
Choose two of the following                                                                                                                                                     6
NRSM 330 Fire Ecology and Management   F
NRSM 455 Riparian Ecology & Management   S
WILD 325 Wildlife-Livestock Nutrition   S
WILD 355 Wildlife and Livestock Habitat Restoration   F
WILD 426 Wildlife Habitat Management   S
WILD 438 Wildlife Habitat Ecology   S
Total Credits                                                                                                                                                                                31

 A Natural Resources and Rangeland Ecology Minor does not meet qualifications for professional employment with federal agencies.