Photo of Janice BowmanProfessor, Animal Science 
311 Animal Bioscience Building
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717 
Phone: (406) 994-5563 
Fax: (406) 994-5589 


B.S.  University of Missouri, Animal Science, 1977
M.S.  University of Missouri, Animal Science, 1979
Ph.D.  University of Missouri, Ruminant Nutrition, 1986


ANSC 320  Animal Nutrition

ANSC 418  Topics in Beef Cattle Nutrition

  • ANSC 418 - Topics in Beef Nutrition webpage - Spring 2014

EQUS 423  Equine Nutrition

  • EQUS 423 - Equine Nutrition webpage - Spring 2013

ARNR 520  Nutrient Metabolism in Domestic Animals

  • ARNR 520 - Nutrient Metabolism webpage - Fall 2013

Research Interests

  • Variation in individual animal consumption of supplement.
  • Effect of supplement delivery method (hand-fed vs. self-fed) on individual supplement consumption.
  • Supplementation of beef cattle consuming forage diets.
  • Nutritive value of barley varieties in diets for feedlot cattle.
  • Development of nutritional programs for wintering beef cows.

Accomplishments and Awards

  • 2005 - MSU Cox Family Fund for Excellence Faculty Award for Creative Scholarship and Teaching
  • 2004 - Western Section American Society of Animal Science Distinguished Teaching Award
  • 2001 - MSU College of Agriculture Outstanding Professor Award
  • 1997 - Western Section American Society of Animal Science Young Scientist Award
  • Developed 2 new courses:  ANSC 418-Topics in Beef Cattle Nutrition, and EQUS 423-Equine Nutrition.
  • Developed prediction equations for NEm and NEg of barley grain based on laboratory measurements.
  • Using gene mapping techniques, identified molecular markers in barley that affect feed quality, allowing for genetic marker-assisted selection of improved feed quality barleys.
  • Determined liquid supplement (30% CP) provided to cows grazing native range in winter, increased forage digestion and intake, resulting in less body condition loss.
  • Determined liquid supplement consumption by individual cows grazing native range varied widely, with a CV of 70 to 125%.
  • Determined that increasing the level of starch in supplements fed to beef cows grazing native range in the winter, decreased forage digestibility and intake.
  • Identified QTLs for ruminal digestibility and particle size on barley chromosomes 3 & 4.
  • Determined heritability of digestibility in barley to be 50%.
  • Demonstrated legume supplementation of low-quality forage diets increases rate of large particle size reduction and passage from rumen, allowing increased intake by cattle.
  • Demonstrated ruminal carboxymehthylcellulase activity can be used to compare relative colonization and activity by cellulolytic bacteria.
  • Demonstrated differences in rate and pattern of ruminal bacterial colonization of cool-season grasses, warm-season grasses and legumes, and relationship to fiber digestion.

Recent Publications


  • Helmecke, P., S. J. Moreaux, J. Weeding, J.G.P. Bowman, and J. G. Berardinelli.  2013.  Effects of psyllium supplementation on protein, triglycerides, serum electrolytes and packed cell volume in grazing horses.  J. Equine Vet. Sci.  (Submitted)
  • Ragen, D. L., E. E. Nix, R. L. Endecott, P. G. Hatfield, M. K. Petersen, and J.G.P. Bowman.  2013.  Individual mineral supplement intake by ewes swath grazing or confinement fed pea-barley forage.  Small Rum. Res.  (Accepted)
  • Abdel-Haleem, Hussein, Jan G. P. Bowman, Lisa Surber, and Tom Blake.  2012.  Variation in feed quality traits for beef cattle in Steptoe x Morex barley population.  Mol. Breeding  29:503–514.
  • Moreaux, S.J.J., J. L. Nichols, J.G.P. Bowman, and P. G. Hatfield.  2011.  Psyllium lowers blood glucose and insulin concentrations in horses.  J. Equine Vet. Sci.  31:160-165.
  • Surber, L., H. Abdel-Haleem, J. Martin, P. Hensleigh, D. Cash, J. Bowman, and T. Blake.  2011.  Mapping quantitative trait loci controlling variation in forage quality traits in barley.  Mol. Breeding  28:189-200.
  • Abdel-Haleem, H., J.G.P. Bowman, M. Giroux, V. Kanazin, H. Talbert, L.M.M. Surber, and T. K. Blake.  2010.  Quantitative trait loci of acid detergent fiber and grain chemical composition in hulled x hull-less barley population.  Euphytica  172:405-418.
  • Abdel-Haleem, H., J.G.P. Bowman, V. Kanazin, L.M.M. Surber, H. Talbert, P. M. Hayes, and T. K. Blake.  2010.  Quantitative trait loci of dry matter digestibility and particle size traits in two-rowed x six-rowed barley population.  Euphytica  172:419-433.
  • Bhatti, S. A., J.G.P. Bowman, J. L. Firkins, A. V. Grove, and C. W. Hunt.  2008.  Effect of intake level and alfalfa substitution for grass hay on ruminal kinetics of fiber digestion and particle passage in beef cattle.  J. Anim. Sci.  86:134-145.
  • Fox, G. P., J. Bowman, A. Kelly, A. Inkerman, D. Poulsen, and R. Henry.  2008.  Assessing for genetic and environmental effects on ruminant feed quality in barley (Hordeum vulgare).  Euphytica  163:249-257.
  • Turuspekov, Y., B. Beecher, Y. Darlington, J. Bowman, T. K. Blake, and M. J. Giroux.  2008.  Hardness locus sequence variation and endosperm texture in spring barley.  Crop Sci.  48:1007-1019.
  • Turuspekov, Y., J. M. Martin, J.G.P. Bowman, B. S. Beecher, and M. J. Giroux.  2008.  Associations between Vrs1 alleles and grain quality traits in spring barley Hordeum vulgare L.  Cereal Chem.  85:817-823.
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  • Swan, C. G., J.G.P. Bowman, J. M. Martin, and M. J. Giroux.  2006.  Increased puroindoline levels slow ruminal digestion of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) starch by cattle.  J. Anim Sci.  84:641-650.

Book Chapters

  • Blake, T., V. C. Blake, J.G.P. Bowman, and H. Abdel-Haleem.  2011.  Barley feed uses and quality improvement.  Page 522 in Barley: Production, Improvement, and Uses.  Steven E. Ullrich, ed.  Blackwell Publishing Ltd., West Sussex, UK.
  • Bowman, Jan, and Bok Sowell.  2009.  Feeding the Beef Cow Herd.  In: Richard O. Kellems and D. C. Church, eds.  Livestock Feeds and Feeding.  Sixth Edition.  Prentice Hall, Boston.