Wildlife Ecologist, Adjunct ProfessorMike Frisina
Department of Animal & Range Sciences
212 Animal Bioscience Building
Bozeman, MT 59717
Phone: (406) 994-7146
Fax: (406) 994-5589
Email: mike.frisina@montana.edu


  • Honorary Doctor of Agriculture, Montana State University; 2004.
  • M.S., Fish and Wildlife Management, Montana State University; 1974.
  • B.S., Fish and Wildlife Management, Montana State University; 1972.

Research Interests

  • Wildlife habitat management
  • Population management and conservation of free ranging wild ungulates
  • Wildlife and livestock interrelationships
  • Range management
  • Shrub ecology
  • Conservation of endangered species

Honors and Awards

  • Chief of U.S. Forest Service National Range Management Award 1989

  • Wild Sheep Foundation International Achievement Award 2002

  • Most Distinguished Mongolian Conservationist, awarded by Mongolian Government 2009

  • Wild Sheep Foundation Chairman’s Award 2013

Recent Publications

Books and Book Chapters

  • Frisina, M. R. and R. M. Frisina. 2008. Weather and Wildlife: volume 2 upland game birds. A publication of the Habitat Bureau, Wildlife Division, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

  • Mitchell, R. M. and M. R. Frisina. 2007. From the Himalayas to the Rockies. Retracing the Great Arc of Wild Sheep. Safari Press Inc., Hunting Beach CA.

  • Wambolt, C. L. and M. R. Frisina. 2002. Montana Sagebrush Guide. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Helena, Montana.


Recent Technical Reports, Outreach, and Other Products

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  • Frisina, M. R., B. Purevsuren, and R. M. Frisina. 2010. Mongolian Argali Population Trend 2002-2009. A publication of the August L. Hormay Wildlands Institute, Inc., Butte, MT.

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