Bok teaching range class to students

Dr. Sowell (right) discussing range management with students.

Professor, Range Science
205 Animal Bioscience Building
Bozeman, MT 59717-2900
Phone: (406) 994-5558
Fax: (406) 994-5589


  • B.S.  New Mexico State University, Wildlife Science, 1978
  • M.S. Texas Tech University, Range Science, 1981
  • Ph.D. New Mexico State University, Animal Science, 1989


  • NRSM 101 Natural Resource Conservation
  • NRSM 102 Principles of Range Management Lab
  • NRSM 353 Grazing Ecology and Management
  • WILD 325 Wildlife-Livestock Range Nutrition
  • ARNR 544 Advanced Grazing Management and Ecology

Research Interest

  • Wildlife habitat
  • Ungulate herbivory
  • Wildlife/Livestock nutrition

Teaching Awards

  • 2004     President’ s Excellence in Teaching Award.   Montana State University
  • 2001     Distinguished Teacher Award.  Western Section of the American Association of Animal Science
  • 2001     Award of Excellence.  MSU Alumni/Chamber of Commerce
  • 2000     Professor of the Month.  Mortar Board.  Montana State University
  • 1998     College of Agriculture: Top Ten Instructor Award.  Montana State University
  • 1998     Who’ s Who Among Americas’ Teachers
  • 1998     Phi Kappa Phi-Anna Krueger Fridley Teaching Award.  Montana State University


Recent Publications

  • Sowell, B., Wambolt, C., Paddock, J., Lane, V. and Frisina, M., 2016. Wyoming Big Sagebrush and Herbaceous Cover Relationships. Environmental Management and Sustainable Development5(1), pp.179-186.
  • Woodward, J., Sika, J., Wambolt, C., Newell, J., Schroff, S. and Sowell, B., 2016. Sage-Grouse Nesting, Brood and Winter Habitat Characteristics in Montana. Environmental Management and Sustainable Development5(1), pp.126-139.
  • Kitchen, K.A., Goldsmith, B., Robison-Cox, J., Frisina, M. and Sowell, B., 2015. Sagebrush Response to Conifer Cover. Environmental Management and Sustainable Development5(1), pp.17-29.
  • Runyon, M.J., D.B. Tyers, B.F. Sowell and C.N. Gower.  2014.  Aspen Restoration Using Beaver on the Northern Yellowstone Winter Range under Reduced Ungulate Herbivory.  Restoration Ecology 22:555-561.
  • Porter, T.F., C. Chen, J.A. Long, R. Lawrence, B.F. Sowell.  2014.  Estimating biomass on CRP pastureland: A comparison of remote sensing techniques.  Biomass and Bioenergy 66:268-274.
  • McColley, S. D., D. B. Tyers, and B. F. Sowell. 2012. Aspen and willow restoration using beaver in the northern Yellowstone winter range.  Restoration Ecology  20:450-455.
  • Kimble, D. S., D. B. Tyers, J. Robison-Cox, and B. F. Sowell.  2011.  Aspen recovery since wolf reintroduction on the northern Yellowstone winter range.  Rangeland Ecology and Management.  64:119-130.