Knight education


Emeritus Professor, Extension Wildlife Specialist


  • B.S.  Wildlife Management, Michigan State University, 1973
  • M.S.  Wildlife Biology, Michigan State University, 1975
  • Ph.D.  Natural Resource Management, University of Michigan, 1980

Extension Wildlife Activities

  • Policy related to wildlife management decisions
  • Private land wildlife habitat and population management
  • Wildlife/livestock grazing issues
  • Hunter/rancher relationships
  • Wildlife damage control
  • Questions, problems and opportunities identified by County/Reservation Agents, private landowners, public land managers and the general public on wildlife management issues

Wildlife Topics


  • Development and publication of a book, "Manage Your Land for Wildlife," to serve as a reference and guide for ranchers and other landowners seeking to manage wildlife habitat and populations on their land
  • Development of numerous methods and techniques for wildlife damage control now used and referenced across the country
  • Development and publication of the national curriculum for 4-H Shooting Sports Hunting
  • Development and publication of information related to benefits of ranching and livestock grazing for wildlife

Recent Publications

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  • Knight, J. E.  2014.  Modifying fences to protect high value pastures from deer and elk.  Extension MontGuide  MT201401AG.
  • Knight, James E.  2008.  Manage Your Land For Wildlife.  Montana State University Extension.  Bozeman, MT.  246 pp.
  • Knight, J. E.  2007.  The contribution of landowners to big game in Montana.  MSU Extension MontGuide  SKUMT200604AG.
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  • Knight, J. E.  2004.  Ranchers Guide to Wolf predation.  Montana State University Extension Bulletin EB# 163.
  • Vogel, M., and J. E. Knight.  2003.  Hantavirus:  What is it?  What can be done about it?  Montguide  MT199404AG.
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