John Paterson

Retired April 2012

Professor of Animal Science & 
Extension Beef Specialist


B.S. Western New Mexico University, Chemistry1973
M.S. Utah State University, Animal Science 1976
Ph.D. University of Nebraska, Ruminant Nutrition 1979


ARNR 230 Range Livestock Production.

Research Interests

  • Research Emphasis
    • Beef cattle mineral/protein nutrition
    • Forage utilization
    • Toxicology
  • Extension Emphasis
    • Nutritional programs for cows in late gestation, computer software, beef quality assurance

Accomplishments and Interests

  • Demonstrated that the toxic alkaloid in tall fescue reduced blood flow to peripheral and core body tissues in cattle.
  • Demonstrated that inclusion of high fiber byproduct feedstuffs into supplements resulted in similar animal gains as cereal grain-based supplements.
  • Demonstrated that weaned heifers supplemented with high levels of Zn had reduced storage of Cu in the liver.
  • Demonstrated that undegradable intake protein stimulated daily gain in first calf heifers.
  • 2011 WASAS Award

Recent Publications

  • Reddin, R., L.M. Surber, B. Roeder, B. Nichols, J.A. Paterson, and R. Kott. 2011. Performance, residual feed intake and feeding behavior of Targhee ewes receiving growing diets as lambs and maintenance diets as yearlings. J. Anim. Sci. (submitted)
  • Waterman, R.C., T.W. Geary, J.A. Paterson and R.J. Lipsey. 2011. Early weaning in northern great plains beef cattle production systems: Performance and reproductive response in range beef cows. Livestock Production. (submitted)
  • Waterman, R.C., T.W. Geary, J.A. Paterson and R.J. Lipsey. 2011. Early weaning in northern great plains beef cattle production systems: II. Development of replacement heifers weaned at 80 or 215 d of age. Livestock Prod. (submitted)
  • Roberts, A.J., L.E. Wallace, M. Harbac and J.A. Paterson. 2011. Retention and readability of radio frequency identification transponders in beef cows over a three or four year period. Prof. Anima. Scientist. (submitted)
  • Redden, R.R., L.M.M. Surber, B.L Roeder, B.M. Nichols, J.A. Paterson and R.W. Kott. 2011. Residual feed efficiency established in a post-weaning growth test may not result in more efficient ewes on the range. Small Ruminant Research. doi10.1016.
  • McDonald, T.J., G.W. Brester, A. Bekkerman and J.A. Paterson. 2010. Case Study: Searching for the ultimate cow: The economic value of residual feed intake at bull sales. Prof. Anim. Scientist  26:655-660.
  • Lardy, G.P., B.A. Loken, V.L. Anderson, D.M. Larson, K.R. Maddock-Carlin, B. R. Ilse, R. Maddock, R. Clark, J.A. Paterson, and M.L. Bauer. 2008. Field Pea Inclusion in Finishing Diets: Increasing field pea (Pisum sativum) level in high concentrate diets. 2. Effects on growth performance and carcass traits in finishing steers and heifers.J.Anim. Sci. 87:3335-3341.
  • L. E. Wallace, J. A. Paterson, R. Clark, M. Harbac, and A. Kellom . 2008. Readability of Thirteen Different Radio Frequency Identification Ear Tags by Three Different Multi-Panel Reader Systems for Use in Beef Cattle. Prof. Animal Sci . 24:384-391.
  • Choat, T., J. Paterson, G. Smith, K. Belk, M. King and B. Rainey. 2006. Effects of beef cattle gender on tenderness of steaks. J. Anim. Sci.  84:1820-1826