Montana State University Meat and Meat Processing Center

The MSU Meat and Meat Processing Center is a state-inspected facility with the capability for processing meat animals. It has much of the equipment necessary for sausage and ham manufacturing. In addition, there is a chemistry laboratory for analysis of a wide range of physical and chemical properties of meat. Students learn to cut carcasses and manufacture sausages and ham in this facility. As a result there are fresh and processed products available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a product, please contact the meat lab at 406-994-5565 or email

a group of meat scientists in white coats and food safety gear are learning cuts of meat

The mission of the Processing Center is to conduct basic and applied research along with supplying expertise for new product development. The program cooperates with and builds on the strengths and expertise of the Department of Animal and Range Sciences. By undertaking both reactive and proactive research and development activities, this initiative serves to increase the amount of value-added meat products and supports the continued viability of Montana's agri-food industry.

Applied research efforts involve development and adaptation of new processing technology, with emphasis on product quality, shelf life and safety. In addition, basic research involves evaluation of factors affecting tenderness, color and other carcass characteristics.

One important role of the center is to assist the industry in understanding the needs of customers, both in domestic and export markets. Further outreach programs include short courses and seminars about meat and meat products.

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