Doctoral Students

A man with short dark hair

James Adeyemi | Spring '24

Multispecies identification of biological indicators to predict carcass and meat quality

Advisors: Jane Ann Boles
Jennifer Thomson

A young man in a tux

Matthew Conrad

Effects of bisphosphonate use on endocrine biomarkers in growing horses

Advisor: Amanda Bradbery

   From: South Korea
Man with dark hair and beard wearing cowboy hat

Thomas Hamilton

Assessing mid and late gestation cattle grazing dormant rangeland during the winter months

Advisor: Timothy DelCurto

   From: Oregon
Man with dark hair and beard wearing glasses

Robert Haynam | Summer '23

The movement ecology and demography of female sage-grouse in NE Montana

Advisor: Lance McNew

   From: Wyoming
Woman with blonde braids wearing cap and holding a grouse

Liz Leipold | Summer  '23

Developing and evaluating a population monitoring method for dusky grouse in Montana, including developing habitat models and appropriate field and analytical methods for monitoring dusky grouse populations

Advisor: Lance McNew

   From: Maryland
A young woman with glasses

Makayla Ogg

Advisor: Sarah McCoski

   From: Michigan
A professional young woman with dark hair

Alexis Trauner 

Advisor: Amanda Bradbery

   From: Florida

Master's Students

Woman with cap and glasses holding a dog

Taylor Bayne | Fall '23 

Evaluating an AI-enabled camera trap and its potential application for wildlife-livestock conflict prevention

Advisors: Jared Beaver
Jeff Mosley

   From: Wyoming
Woman with a bob

Macy Collins | Spring '24

Characterizing the wool microbiome and its influence on wool and lamb production

Advisor: Chris Posbergh

   From: Colorado
Smiling woman with long blonde hair

Amanda Grube | Fall '24 

Assessing sulfur fertilizations as a means to improve statewide forage quality and value by reducing nitrate accumulations in cereal forages

Advisor: Hayes Goosey

   From: Pennsylvania
Smiling man holding border collie over his shoulders

Herlin Kadriu | Spring '23  

Development of bovine intestinal organoid models to study immune modulation by gut microbes

Advisor: Carl Yeoman

   From: Albania
a female graduate student wearing a backpack in an alpine meadow

Autumn Keller | Fall '25

Aspen and wolf trophic cascade on the northern Yellowstone elk winter range

Advisors: Clayton Marlow and Dan Tyers

   From: Colorado
Smiling woman with long reddish-blonde hair wearing a college of ag ambassadors jacket

Janessa Kluth | Spring '24 

Comparing the botanical composition and quality of beef cattle diets on unburned and/or burned rangeland 

Advisor: Timothy DelCurto

Smiling man with curly hair wearing a cap and  taking a selfie with his dog

Nicholas Lowing | Summer '23 

Capturing snowmelt to increase plant production and livestock grazing in high elevation sagebrush rangelands 

Advisor: Bok Sowell

   From: Michigan
Smiling woman with long, curly red hair

Danielle Mee | Fall '24 

Collecting data and analyzing human impact within the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness that will then be compared to grizzly bear distribution

Advisors: Clayton Marlow, Dan Tyers, Craig Olwert

   From: Colorado
Smiling man with close-cropped hair wearing a baseball cap

Aaron O'Harra | Spring '23 

The response of greater sage grouse nests and nest predators to fence modifications made in the Centennial Valley of Montana

Advisor: Bok Sowell

   From: Idaho
A man in a suit and tie

Jeremiah Peterson | Spring '24 

Evaluating the influence of protein status on intake, ruminal digestion, thermal regulation and metobolic rates in beef cattle consuming low-quality forages

Advisor: Timothy DelCurto

   From: Idaho
Smiling woman with long reddish-blonde hair

Laura Robison | Spring '23 

Assessing the effects of small sagebrush meadow restoration structures on improving wildlife habitat in Southwest Montana

Advisor: Bok Sowell 

   From: California
Smiling man with jaunty brown hair standing in front of a barn and wearing an MSU pullover

Nathan Schaff | Spring '23 

The use of blood metabolites to predict flavor profiles in sheep

Advisors: Jennifer Thomson, Jane Ann Boles

   From: Montana
Man in glasses wearing a plaid shirt

Daniel Schaub | Spring '23 

Relationships of feed efficiency, intake, growth estimated breeding values and microbial populations in range sheep

Advisor: Chris Posbergh

   From: Michigan 
A man with short blonde hair is smiling at the camera while in the outdoors

Hunter Stier | Summer '23 

Investigating the utility of ecological sites and soil properties for management of greater sage-grouse habitat and the validity of commonly used field-based soil sampling protocols 

Advisor: Lance McNew

   From: Michigan
Woman wearing a cap and a backpack in smiling in the outdoors

Aubrey Sullivan | Fall '24 

Ecology of reintroduced sharp-tailed grouse in Western Montana

Advisor: Lance McNew

   From: California
Woman with long, dark wavy hair and wearing a dark colored blazer is  smiling confidently at the camera.

Franci Welter | Spring '23 

Examining how under nutrition in gestating ewes affects the behavior, function and formation of trophblast binucleate cells and the expression of pregnancy associated glycoproteins 

Advisor: Sarah McCoski

   From: Colorado
smiling woman with long wavy blonde hair wearing a striped shirt

Abigail Zezeski | Spring '25

Evaluating preimplantation embryo development using flow cytometry

Advisor: Sarah McCoski

   From: Virginia