Class of 2024

Greg Collins

A man in a cowboy hat and sunglasses in an alpine meadow

Unlike many previous students in this program, I grew up with little agriculture experience outside of spending summers hay farming in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. After graduating high school, I joined the U.S. Army and spent nearly five years in the 82nd Airborne Division. During two deployments to the Middle East, I was privileged to lead some of the best men and women America has to offer. At the end of my commitment to the U.S. Army, determining what I wanted to do next was not a hard decision. I knew I wanted to be part of ranching in some capacity, so I enrolled in Montana State University and declared Ranching Systems as my major.

I am confident that the Dan Scott Ranch Management Program and the Ranching Systems degree will provide the academic and real-life experiences to equip me for my career goal of managing a seedstock or cow-calf pair operation upon graduation. Additionally, I hope to help the program by working with MSU and incoming veteran students to smooth the transition to civilian life, and a possible career in agriculture.

"I was looking for a course in life that was new, challenging, rewarding, and provided an opportunity for me to grow as an individual. The Dan Scott Ranch Management Program is proving to be the perfect program to prepare me for a career in ranch management while also allowing me to help other veterans transition from the military to a future career in agriculture."

Class of 2025

Sarah Baker

A young  blonde woman in a cowgirl hat

"I’m a sophomore native to northeast Oregon. I grew up on a small cow-calf operation with roots deep in rodeo and ranching. Ihave great interest in the Dan Scott Ranch Management program because of its broad curriculum and unique internship opportunity. I have hopes to to stay within the beef industry, wherever that takes me!"

Carlo Giovannitti

A bearded man with long dark hair and a cowboy hat is on horseback leading a herd of black angus cattle

"I am a Marine Corps veteran from New Jersey. Upon graduation my goal is to start as mid level management eventually working up to managing an operation.I chose DSRMP for the opportunity be a part of the best ranch management program around. What drew me in, is the ability to learn hands on and utilize the skills and knowledge learned during the summer internships."


McLain Payne

A cowboy on horseback

"I have grown up on my family’s ranch outside Livingston, MT. We are a production operation raising black Angus cattle and also have a spring creek for fishing and a hunting business. Ibecame interested in the program immediately upon hearing about it. The courses and opportunities provided through the program align perfectly with my career goals of returning home."

Peter Sclafani

A man in a baseball cap sitting on a horse

I grew up in California where my family has a ranch, which I have been fortunate to be able to work on during summers and holiday breaks. I have been able to learn and develop many skills from helping on the ranch that will benefit me throughout my life. After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in ranch real estate, livestock technology, or ranch consulting.

"Some goals I have within the Dan Scott Ranch Management Program include developing more techniques to work livestock effectively and learn how to run a business as efficiently as possible."

Class of 2026

Adrien Ambrosio

 A young man with curly hair wearing a cap leans against a fence post.

I am from Hudson, Colorado, where I grew up with two younger brothers and an amazing set of parents who taught me the importance of always working hard. We grew up showing mules and playing sports that taught us the values of working in teams and how to work for and take care of the animals that are our responsibility. I majored in Ranching Systems at Montana State University to develop myself in the agricultural industry and to gain a better understanding of the systems that help us manage and develop as the industry changes with the future.

Sierra Bajek

a young woman with a horse

I am originally from Aroura, Colorado. While I did not grow up in agriculture, I have always been interested in a career within agriculture. After working on a ranch last summer, I knew that I wanted to be involved in that industry.  Once I heard of the Ranching Systems Program, I knew that this was the track I needed to take because this program would give me the experience and knowledge to be able to reach my goals in life.

Paige Carda

a young woman riding a horse

I grew up in a little eastern Montana town where farming and ranching is everything. I am the fourth generation of my family’s commercial cow calf operation, and I want to come home with as much knowledge as I can, and better my family’s place. I was drawn to this program because of all the knowledge and opportunities that it presents. The summer internships will give me hands-on experience that I couldn’t get in a classroom.

Conor Clay

a young man staring at the camera

I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  I previously worked various jobs in construction and have an interest in woodworking.  I am excited about the opportunities that the Dan Scott Ranching Management program offers.  I look forward to improving my knowledge through the hands-on ranch management summer internships and hope that my education leads me to a career where I can actively contribute to the ranching community.

Major Harms

a young man on a horse

I am from McDonough, Georgia. I am a sophomore and found my way into agriculture through FFA, along with working on an equine farm. I was given the opportunity to work with cattle through several jobs throughout high school and early college. I chose ranching systems because of the opportunities available to me to learn about the ranching industry in Montana and further my knowledge of managerial tasks, range management, and the cattle industry in Montana. It has always been my dream to take care of the animals that God put on this earth. The fact that I get to be part of a growing beef industry and help feed millions of people is an added bonus.

Chase Shunk

a young man in black western wear leaning against a mountain

I am from Peyton, Colorado. I have been around and involved in the animal agriculture industry my entire life and have loved every second of it. I have spent that time around a multitude of animal species, but most of that time around bovine and equine. I chose the Dan Scott Ranch Management Program because I know that I want to be involved in the cattle ranching industry. It is important to continue to bring young people into the industry, whether that be for their able bodies or their young minds to help revolutionize the industry on the local, state, federal or even the global level.