Equine Science is an option of the four–year Animal Science degree program designed to prepare students for employment in breeding, nutrition, and management of facilities and land, and in associated industries such as sales, feed, tack, and equipment. As a student in equine science, you can tailor your program to emphasize science, business, or rangeland or pasture management.

This option emphasizes science and technology combined with practical aspects of management, horsemanship and training. The program includes courses in western and English equitation, plus:

  • Equine growth, development, reproduction and nutrition
  • Business, marketing and management for the equine industry
  • Colt starting, horse training and behavior
  • Land management for small acreage grazing
  • Hands–on learning through internships, research, and projects that fit your special interests
  • Well–rounded experience in basic sciences, communication, leadership, ecology and business

Graduates of this program will gain a firm foundation to meet the growing needs of the equine industry.


horse skeleton in a lab

Examples of Experiential Courses

young man saddling a horse


EQUH 114

Students will learn beginning horsemanship information and skills in both English and western disciplines, including tack fit, adjustment, care, part identification, correct rider position in various gaits and styles of riding. Students will work toward securing a balanced seat and use of independent aids while in the walk, jog/sitting trot, posting trot, and lope/canter. 

young woman with horse on halter
EQUH 253

The Starting Colts course introduces principles and techniques of starting and training young horses. 
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young woman on horseback with a lasso
EQUH 256

The Developing the Young Horse course introduces advanced techniques and training in reining, cutting, or working cow horses. For experienced riders.
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Why MSU Equine Science?

Equine Clubs and Activities

Donate a Horse to Montana State Unviersity

Horse breeders and owners have generously donated wonderful horses to Montana State University over the years to be used to teach students from diverse majors and backgrounds. We take pride knowing that our horsemanship program offers classes that are open to everyone at the university, including students from any major and even employees. If you are interested in donating a horse to the program, check out our donation page for more information on requirements and the horse donation application.