Montana State University has created the preeminent Ranch Management Program in the Northern Great Plains and Intermountain West. The program prepares outstanding graduates with the diverse set of skills needed to meet a variety of challenges facing the ranching industry today. Our program is based on a systems-level approach that integrates course work and experiential/hands-on learning in animal production, natural resource management, economics and business, as well as, applied skills such as communication, lifelong learning and critical thinking in a student-centered curriculum.


Our graduates will:

  1. Design and evaluate sustainable ranch management systems by synthesizing and applying knowledge of livestock production, business and economic aspects of ranch management, and rangeland ecology and management to a systems-level approach to ranch management. [knowledge]
  2. Critically review and evaluate information to make decisions regarding the management of the whole ranching enterprise in order to achieve management goals. [critical thinking]
  3. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication to a range of audiences and within collaborative environments. [communication and collaboration]
  4. Use scientific principles to formulate questions, explore solutions, and solve real-world problems and advocate based on scientific principles. [problem solving]
  5. Practice ethical conduct appropriate to the professional community and advocate for sustainable management of all resources involved in the ranching industry. [ethics]